The Quintessentially Glass

The ultimate fine wine glass commissioned by Quintessentially, designed to complement all styles of wine.

Each is individually made by master glass-blowers to exacting specifications.

Deceptively light, the Quintessentially wine glass is supremely balanced and utterly sensual to the touch.

Despite the silky delicacy of the glass it may be dish-washed and machine dried to avoid the need to hand polish.

Studies show that light, minimal glass shows the quality of a wine in the most favourable light. The Quintessentially glass weighs nearly half as much as a commercial glass of similar design which sells at more than twice the price.

£39 per glass inc. VAT

The Quintessentially Glass

We have pushed the limits of glassmaking technology to create what we believe to be an extraordinary new wine glass.

There is a profusion of quality wine glasses on the UK market, many offering to be suited to a particular style or even PDO of wine.


While there is no doubt that wine expresses itself differently from differently shaped glasses, we felt that the classic tulip shape comes closer than any other to being the perfect multipurpose wine glass.

The the fulcrum of the glass is at the meeting point of stem and bowl. This means the glass (unlike most) is not top heavy and it is this balance which makes for an elegant, effortless and comfortable swirl.


Wine professionals choose light glasses, less experienced tasters may take weight of glass as “a proxy for quality” (Spence et al, 2013).

The lightness of the glass is made possible by the diet of metals used in this glass.
The bowl, stem and foot of the glass have been pared of weight giving the glass a feeling of silky lightness.


Counter-intuitively though, this does not make the glass flimsy.

Indeed hundreds of Quintessentially glasses have survived tumbles which heavier glasses would not.

One Quintessentially glass fell from a 4-foot high stand onto a cork tiled floor and survived.

The Quintessentially glass stands 227mm tall.
Its aperture is 65mm in diameter.
Its base has a diameter of 80mm.
The brim capacity of the Quintessentially glass is 500ml.
The weight of the Quintessentially glass varies from individual to individual.
All production samples have been in the range 94g +/-5g.

The composition of the Quintessentially glass is approximately: 88% Silicon Dioxide (quartz, or silica), Disodium Oxide andCalcium Oxide 12% Dipotassium Oxide and Barium Oxide with very small fractions of Aluminium Oxide, Antimony Oxide, Magnesium Oxide and Iron Oxide.